Wednesday 20 July 2022

Truss or Sunak?

Turns out, Conservative MP’s are mad after all. They want Sunak so much they have put a lemon up against him. 

They won’t look so clever when if the Lemon wins.

What a high risk strategy this is by Team Sunak.


DJK said...

There's a reason it's called the Stupid Party.

Don Cox said...

Is the problem that the Central Office parachuted a lot of rubbish candidates into no-hope seats, and to everyone's amazement they are now MPs ? I don't think anyone expected an 80-seat majority.


Swiss Bob said...

The populist virus still courses in the veins of Conservative Party members.

GBP is an easy short until/unless Sunak picks up.

Elby the Beserk said...

Neither. FUBAR

iOpener said...

For the benefit of us foreign readers --- WTF are you saying?

Nick Drew said...

Ah, let me translate for you, iOpener:

"Truss or Sunak?" - The author is querying which type of medical appliance would be best for members of the Conservative Party in danger of suffering a hernia when they contemplate the current state of the party. A regular surgical truss of the kind that can cause a lot of irritation? Or a "sunak"? - a newly patented proprietary brand of particularly smooth characteristics, believed by some to reach certain parts more effectively, especially for women

Lemon - Turkey. (Yes, I know these British idioms are confusing)

"GDP is an easy short" - sorry we let that one slip through, we shouldn't be allowing financial advice on this blog, just ignore it

"Neither. FUBAR" - the writer is strongly advocating a third approach, the Fubar, which is a blunt and rather brutal way of treating the underlying problem. Rather bracing, in fact.

"WTF are you saying?" - no, the author is not saying Which is the Thatcher Follower? Neither of them really resemble Thatcher very much, although Truss has been trying very hard. If anything, Rishi has claims in this direction - making progress in life by marrying somebody very wealthy.

Anonymous said...

So, Tories have the choice:

Corrupt financially incontinent WEF placeman.


Incompetent village gossip.

Thanks Conservative central office.

Anonymous said...

Clearly conservative leadership hate the majority of the people they are meant to represent, they think just the same way as the Metropolitan Islington elite thinks of the average working class person

Sackerson said...

I've felt from near the start of this that it's a game of Russian roulette with all the chambers loaded. Btw if Truss wins can we count on her support?

Caeser Hēméra said...

If the MPs didn't want a right-wing Tory, and do the usual "here are two options, one we don't want, and we *know* you don't want, and the one we do want, and you'll pick as the best of a bad lot. Off you trot." They needed to remove both Badenoch *and* Truss.

If you were going to leave in a right-wing Tory, then the membership will be pretty much guaranteed to pick that one, so why in the name of all that is Holy did they leave in the low-quality Thatcher tribute act? She's not exactly Australian Pink Floyd level is she? I once saw an Iron Maiden tribute band, which looked (indeed, sounded) like the cast of Time Bandits in bad wigs. She's not even at that level.

Badenoch would have been a really fresh breath of air, and could have chucked all the identarian cards back into Labours face with gusto. "Thanks for mansplaining Keir! Thanks for being a white knight Keir!" Hoisted on their own progressive petard.

But looks like we'll get Truss - eyes of a rabbit in the headlights, facial expression of someone half way through a TikTok challenge to suck a 100 lemons and the intellectual capacity of a crushed thimble.

It also means Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg will stick around, two people who shouldn't be allowed near any lever, let alone one attached to any power.

For the next election, look like the Tory's will be doing most of the hard work of making Labour look electable.

Anoneumouse said...

Lemon tree, very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet
But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to Beat

Anonymous said...

Caeser - Your description of Truss makes it sounds like she'll be a figure head that's so awful that those in control will be able to push whatever agenda they really want as she'll be too weak to resist it (Much like Biden (and May)).

In which case isn't she the perfect candidate to put forward against Rishi? At least this way there's a slight veneer about getting a choice of getting a right wing candidate.

Caeser Hēméra said...


I doubt she'll be a figurehead. Stupid doesn't mean weak, but it is manipulable and open to Sir Humphrey type suggestions, however does anyone in the current Tory party strike you as a master puppeteer? Sure, the likes of Gove can handle a Sooty, but hand-up-jacksie skill level is about the current ceiling. Not even a Frank Oz, despite a surfeit of muppets about.

It's fairly clear there is a distinct preference from the Parliamentary side of the party for Rishi, and they think they can convince the grassroots to their way of thinking. Against a Mordaunt or a Tugenhadt, they doubtlessly could, but Truss squeaks all the right noises.

If the grassroots are Roxane, then the MPs have foolishly bet on someone who looks like Cyrano and speaks like Christian, when the opponent looks like Christian and sounds like Cyrano.

If this has to come to pass without the usual vote-exchanging shenanigans, then fair enough, but of someone thought this was a good outcome, then their plan was as cunning as one of Baldrick's.

dearieme said...

"There's a reason it's called the Stupid Party."

Yup. It's to distinguish it from the Moronic Party and the Cretinous Party. And more recently from the Tartan Fascist Party.

Elby the Beserk said...

@NickDrew 8:2am

:-) very good summary of where we are. Managed not to wet myself. Thanks :-)

Really, it's Fubar to the power of Fubar.

I'm thinking the Benedict option is what is left for most of us. If you don't know what it is, I'm not going to tell you.

Elby the Beserk said...

At least we can larf. As a relatively recent Substacker, it's good to see that there are many Americans with a great sense of humour... witness the comments on this...

Biden, quadruple jabbed, has got Covid, so has resorted like Dr. Faustus (similarly punctured) to the "remedy" Paxlovid.

Which now makes the Covid symptoms worse. As Dr. Faustus found out.

O tempera, O mores...

Womp, womp indeed :-)

"From the Associated Press:

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Biden was experiencing “mild symptoms” and has begun taking Paxlovid, an antiviral drug designed to reduce the severity of the disease.

Oh please, Paxlovid rebound, do not fail us now, in this our hour of deepest need.

She said Biden “will isolate at the White House and will continue to carry out all of his duties fully during that time. …

Biden, 79, is fully vaccinated, after getting two doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine shortly before taking office, a first booster shot in September and an additional dose March 30.

Up to this point, Biden’s ability to avoid the virus seemed to defy the odds, even with the testing procedures in place for those expected to be in close contact with him.

Note how nobody even bothers to pretend any longer that masks or vaccines are supposed to do anything.


21 July 2021: “… You’re not gonna get Covid if you have these vaccinations.”

21 July 2022: womp womp"

Elby the Beserk said...

In fact, the only people now getting Covid are the vaccinated. A triumph of medical science. For Pfizer bosses and shareholders.

Of course, MORE boosters will fix it.

For Pfizer bosses and shareholders.

Don Cox said...

" the only people now getting Covid are the vaccinated."

That is not true. Don't let your fear of vaccines carry you too far.


Anonymous said...

Truss or Sunak?

Doe it really matter. Each government in turn has become more and more like pantomime performers when business and average people just get on with it. We adapt to the rigours enforced on us by those claiming to be in power but we can see from Putin, those that supply energy, food and soon water have the real power.

Time to reduce their numbers. So how would you cull them.

James Higham said...

John Redwood please.

Nick Drew said...

@ Managed not to wet myself

so which medical appliance did you use, Elby? The readership will be glad to have your recommendation

@ John Redwood please

can't go with you there I'm afraid, James

don't mistake clarity of diction for clarity of thought

Elby the Beserk said...

Don Cox


I could go on. Bugger it, I will

Even vaccine Evangelists, the EVER reliable Guardian loo roll got there

Not only that, even when done pro-rata, the statistics are clear.

And why is this happening? Because each successive jab lowers your immunity more, and this seems to be lasting far longer than they thought.

That's why so many medics said vaxxing DURING pandemic would cause serious problems.

And were demonised for speaking the truth.

Elby the Beserk said...

Nick Drew said...
@ Managed not to wet myself

so which medical appliance did you use, Elby? The readership will be glad to have your recommendation

11:20 am

Rushed to one of them new-fangled water closets, Nick :-)